About Saravanan Janakarajan

As an Electronics and communication engineer with an M.B.A the future looked set in corporate sector but destiny had something else in store. After Spending 17 years in corporate race across India and Africa,  I  Saravanan Janakarajan ( Known as Janak to many) decided to take a sabbatical. During this time I attended a Basic photography session By Mr Sachin Rai from Toehold Bangalore.  I was so mesmerised by the art of photography and the wildlife that I started travelling across India to click the wildlife. I got introduced to Rahul Sachdev  and that changed my life. Rahul showed  me the world of birds and taught me nuances of Bird photography. I was so fascinated by this that over last 18 months I have clicked only birds and currently my portfolio is above 700 birds found in India. I am  currently  fascinated by  Bird photography and takes classes and conduct photo tours related to  Bird photography. As a father of two children I find it fascinating to collect all these stories and tell them …My portfolio can also be viewed at https://m.facebook.com/ ogaspictures