Andaman Hawk Owl  Ninox affinis


  • Ninox : Derived from  genus   Greek king Nisus was turned into a Sparrowhawk after his daughter Scylla cut off his purple hair locks to present them to her lover Minos who was also Nisu’s Sworn enemy.
  • Affinis : Latin word for Related

 Distribution in India: Resident of Andaman Island in India.

Description: Size of 21–28 cm. It is a smallish boobook with grey head and face, poorly defined facial disc, white rictal bristles surrounding yellowish-horn bill. The upperparts are plain dark brown with faint rufous tint; tail has narrow dark bands and prominent brown terminal band; underparts  are whitish with bright rufous streaks, denser on upper breast; eyes and feet  are yellow; cere is dull greenish. Both the sexes are similar in plumage, The female is slightly larger. The juvenile is less distinctly streaked below

Habitat: It is found in lowland primary and secondary forest.

Food habits: It eats insects. It is observed hawking moths and beetles in the air.

Breeding habits: No data available