Black-eared Shrike-babbler

Black-eared Shrike-babbler  Pteruthius melanotis


  • Pteruthius : Greek word pteron -wing; eruthaino- to dye red { Red Winged}
  • Melanotis: Greek Word melas black; otis –eared { Black Eared)

Vernacular Names: Lepcha: Ku-er-pho

They belong to the family of Vireo Babblers

Distribution in India: Resident in Eastern Himalayas and North East of India

Description:  Size of 9-10 Cm. Adult Male has Chestnut throat and breast. It has Olive-green upper
parts and yellow underparts .The Female is similar but lacks the Chestnut throat and breast.Found in
evergreen moist broadleaf forest, mixed broadleaf and evergreen forest.

Food Habits: It eats large green grasshoppers and other insects.

Breeding Habits:  They are found singly, in pairs or, outside breeding season, in small parties.They breed in summer season.They build a Cup shaped nest made of dry leaves and small twigs. The usual clutch is about two to four eggs. The Chicks are Precocial (with open eyes and down feathers). They are fed
insects for faster growth and water content. The chicks grow faster and leave the nest within 3