Brown Coucal

Brown Coucal    Centropus andamanensis

Etymology :

  • Centropus : Greek word kentron – spur, spike; pous – foot. { Spiked foot}
  • Andamanensis : From Andaman Islands in India

Distribution in India: Resident of Andaman Islands in India.

Description: Size of 45–48 cm; wt. of 234 g. The adult is grey-buff on head, mantle and underparts, back is rufous-purple, wings is rufous-purple with tip darker bronze, wing-linings are grey-buff, tail is bronzy-purple; iris is red to red-brown to yellow, bill is black, feet is black. The female is larger. The juvenile is finely barred above and below.

Habitat: It is found in forests, cultivation, paddy fields and mangrove swamps

Food habits: It eats grasshoppers, other insects and small arthropods.

Breeding habits: They breed in Feb–Jul. The nest is made of twigs, grass and leaves and is placed well above the ground in a tree. They lay a clutch of 2–3 eggs.