Brown Rock Chat

Brown Rockchat  Cercomela fusca


  • Cercomela : Greek word kerkos- tail; melas- black { Black Tailed}
  • Fusca : Latin word for Brown

Vernacular names: Hindi: Shama, Pun: Bhuri galri, U.P: Dauma, Guj: Kalo patharal piddo, Mar: Tapkiri gappidas

Distribution in India: Passage migrant in North West and winter visitor in Main land India.

Description:  Size of 14-15 cm. wt. of 13 g. The plumage is dark brown above, with darker wings and blackish tail, rufous-tinged supercilium and ear-coverts, grading to mid-brown below, with dark grey-brown vent; bill and legs black. Both sexes are similar.

Habitat: It is found in Low rocky hills, sandstone cliffs, ravines, old forts, quarries, ruins, gardens, rooftops and building lots, sometimes foraging in adjacent fields.

Food Habits: It eats insects, including ants and beetles; spiders. Forages on ground, under leaves.

Breeding Habits: They breed in April- June and usually two broods per season. Nest a rough cup of rootlets, grass stems, hair, feathers and fiber, lined with fine fiber and hair, placed in rock cleft, in hole in wall, on narrow masonry ledge, under rafter, on sill, etc., often with pebble or earth rampart; nest reused for second brood. A clutch of 3–4 eggs are laid, incubation is about 2 weeks; nestling period 14–15 days.