Grey-chinned Minivet      Pericrocotus  solaris


  • Pericrocotus : Greek word for perivery, all around;  krokotos-golden-yellow  derived from krokos- saffron
  • Solaris : Latin word for of the Sun derived from solis –

Vernacular Names: Cachar: Dao tisha raja gaherba, Dao ribigaherba

Distribution inIndia: Resident ofHimalayas and North EastIndia.


Size of17-18cm.The Male nominate race has top of head and upperparts leaden black, ear-coverts and cheeks ashy grey; upper wing-coverts and remiges blackish, greater coverts tipped scarlet, merging into vermilion band across bases of primaries( P1–P7); central pair of rectrices black, edged vermilion near tip, other rectrices vermilion with black bases; chin pale grey, throat orange; underparts orange-scarlet, thighs grey-black, underwing-coverts orange; iris dark brown; bill and legs black. Distinguished from other red minivets mainly by grey chin and ear-coverts, and by bright colours being more orange than red. The female has black areas replaced by dark grey-brown, lower back, rump and upper tail-coverts greenish yellow, red in wings replaced by yellow, primaries edged whitish towards tips, face side light grey, throat greyish-white, shading into yellow on breast, rest of underparts bright yellow.

Habitat: It is found in Open forest, both broadleaf evergreen and moist deciduous forest, sometimes coniferous forest, and including short summit-growth; also forest edge and secondary growth.

Food Habits: Its eats small invertebrates, including termite. Groups often join mixed-species flocks containing smaller babblers and other insectivores, especially during non-breeding season and sometimes with other minivets. Forages in canopy and midstorey, mainly in terminal foliage. Gleans items; also makes aerial sallies.

Breeding Habits: They breed in April-June in India.The nest is built by both sexes,. The nest is a small cup of twigs, roots and grass stems, bound with cobwebs and camouflaged with lichens. They lay a clutch of 2 -3 eggs. The incubation period is 11 days and fledging period is 12 days.The young fed by both sexes.