Hill Pigeon

Hill Pigeon  Columba  rupestris


  • Columba : Latin word for Pigeon, dove
  • Rupestris : Latin word for Rock dwelling derived from rupes –rock

Vernacular Bird: Turki: Yaivakabtar, Tibetan: Angoa, Ankhu, Oron

Distribution in India: Resident of Himalayas.

Description: Size of 32-33 cm. Appearance is paler grey; black wing bars less extensive, and for most part narrower; white central tail band; iridescence on neck tends to be less intense, and breast often suffused with wine red below gloss. Female tends to have iridescence less intense and extensive.

Habitat: It is found in open rugged country, where lives in flocks around cliffs and gorges.

Food Habits: It is Granivorous, feeding on seeds of weeds; also takes grain, green shoots of crops, leaves and some snails. It follows mule trains, to feed on spilled grain or dung, and also to take votive grains scattered by pilgrims.

Breeding Habits: They breed in North India in Mar-Jun and South India in Dec-May.They are colonial breeder. The males have a bowing display. They build a nest platform of twigs and plant items placed in crags or cliffs. They lay a clutch of two eggs. Incubation is by both sexes.