Indian Spotted Eagle

Indian Spotted Eagle  Aquila hastata


  • Aquila : Latin word aquilus – Dark coloured
  • Hastata : Latin word hasta spear { Spear like marking}

 Vernacular Names : Mar: Chotathipkyanchagarud, Hindi: Pahariteesa, Pun: Chhota china ukaab, Ben: Gutimaar, Guj: Nano tapkivalojummas, Nano kalojummas

Distribution in India:  Resident in North, Central and East India.

Description: Size of 59-67cm , wingspan of 145-150 cm.It is broad-headed, with the widest mouth of all spotted eagles.This species has a lighter coloration overall compared to its relatives, with a darker iris that makes the eyes appear darker than the plumage .It is a stocky medium-sized eagle with short broad wings, buzzard like head and fine bill, long and closely feathered tarsi and short tail. Wings are angled down when gliding and soaring. Adult is warmer brown in colour with thick gape flanges with gape line extending beyond the eye.It has shorter thigh feathering and the under wing coverts are pale or same colours as flight feathers. In juvenile the spotting on upper wing covert is less prominent, tertials are pale brown with diffused white tips, upper tail coverts are pale brown with white barring and underparts are pale yellowish brown with dark streaking.

Habitat: It is found in lowlands, favoring open forests and forest edges, tree groves surrounded by grassland, cultivated areas and wooded urban parks; often found near water.

Food Habits: It eats mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.It forages by soaring high and diving down, still-hunting from perch, or walking on ground.

Breeding Habits: They breed in Mar-Aug in India.The nest is made of sticks and lined with green leaves, usually placed in fork within upper one-third of tree. It lays a clutch of single egg. The incubation period is 38–42 days, female does bulk of incubating, though male covers egg for short periods and provides all food to nestling. The chicks are born altricial and nestling period is 7 – 10 weeks.