Jungle Bush Quail (Male)

Jungle Bush Quail  Perdicula  asiatica


  • Perdicula : Greek word for partridge derived from Perdix-  Partridge
  • Asiatica : From Asia

Vernacular Names:

Hindi: Jungli Lawwa, Pun: Jungli batera, Bi: Juhar, Santhali: Auriconnai, Guj: Vanalavari, Vanabhadakiyun, Mar: Zudpi Lowwa, Jungli lawa, Ori: Gundunichadhei, Ta: Kaadai, Te: Girza pitta, Adavipodayelise, Mal:Varikada, Kan: Kari lowya, Sinh: Pandara watuwa, Will watuwa

Distribution in India: Widespread resident except in North West and North East of India.

Description: Size of 15-18 cm.The outermost primary longer than innermost and inner webs of primaries mottled or barred buff. The male has barred underparts and Rufous-Orange throat and supercilium with white edges, white moustachial strip, Brown ear coverts. The female apparently smaller than male, and has duller moustachial stripe, less bold black markings above, less barred wings, at most weak barring on breast, and has dull pinkish-rufous underparts. Bill blackish in adult male or dull brownish horn (all other plumages), always with pale base, irides pale brown to orange-brown, and legs pinkish, dull orange or reddish  in adult male, which has short tarsal spur .

Habitat: It is found in dry scrub and brush habitats, often stony, ranging from thin grass to fairly dense deciduous forests. It is found up to 1500 m.

Food Habits: It eats seeds, including those of grass, herbs, gram and millet, and some insects.It forages on the ground usually in pairs or small groups.

Breeding Habits: They breed in Jan–Mar in Karnataka, Oct–Mar in Deccan and Mar–Apr in rest of India. They are monogamous. The nest is situated in cover. The nest is a shallow scrape lined with grasses. They lay a clutch of 5-6 pale eggs ,laid at 1–2-day intervals. The incubation period is 16-18 days, commenced with last egg done by female alone.