Nepal House MartinDelichonnipalense


  • Delichon : Anagram of Genus Chelidon( Greek wordkhelidonforswallow.)for Martins
  • Nipalense: From Nepal

Vernacular Names:Cachar: Beredao, Nepal: Inrui bi

 Distribution in India: Resident of Himalayas and North-east  in India.


Size of 11·5–12·5cm; Wt. of 14–16 g. The male has glossy blue crown and back, blue on side of head extending well below eye; the rumpis white, uppertail-coverts are white with dark bands. The wings and tail are brownish-black, tail is square-ended. The chin and upper throat are black, lower throat to abdomenis white, undertail-covertsare black. The legs are with white feathering and underwing-coverts are dark grey-brown. The female is greyer below than male. Juvenile is duller, with less black on throat and buffy in underparts.


It is found in valleys and mountain ridges, open areas with cliffs; also around villages. It is found from 300 to 4000 m. It breedsfrom 1000–4000 m.


It eats flies. It feeds in flocks, sometimes with other swallows and swifts, and often high up; flight a mix of gliding and swooping. It often forages along cliffs and over treetops.

Breeding habits:

Mar–Sept in India.It is double-brooded. It is a colonial breeder.The nest is built by both sexes, enclosed and with small entrance hole. The nest is made of mud pellets, lined with grass and feathers; attached to cliff face, usually under overhanging surface. The nestis often used for roosting throughout year. It lays a clutch of 3–4 eggs. The incubation and brood-feeding isdone by both sexes.