Nicobar Scops Owl  Otus alius


  • Otus : Latin word for eared Owl
  • Alius : Latin word for “other, different”

Distribution in India: Endemic to Nicobar Islands in India.

Description: Size of 19–20 cm. It is a warm brown scops owl, finely but distinctly barred all over, unstreaked above and with greatly reduced streaking below; mid-length ear-tufts finely barred; facial disc is paler, lightly barred at lower edge, with indistinct outer border; rounded white scapular spots tipped black; iris is conjecturally yellow, bill is mostly brownish, medium-sized; lowermost part of tarsus, and much of its rear edge are unfeathered; toes and claws are relatively large.

Habitat: It is found in forest, woodland

Food Habits: It eats insects like beetles, spiders and small reptiles like Gecko and lizards.

Breeding Habits: They breed in March- April in Nicobar Island. They build nest high up on a trees with large foliage. Both parents incubate and feed the young. We saw the young being fed every 12-15 minutes (Three times in an hour). This is perhaps the only data available on breeding for this owl.