Rock Bush Quail

Rock Bush Quail  Perdicula  argoondah


  • Perdicula : Greek word for partridge derived from Perdix-  Partridge
  • Argoondah : Assamese name Goondri for the Manipur Bush Quail

 Vernacular names: Hindi: China bater, Gobal Bater, Nepal: Chanak, Guj: Chinagabater, Varshalavri, Ta: Kaadai, Te: Chinnayellichi, Burrlakka (for all quails in Kurnool distict), Mal: Kata, Sinh: Pun watuwa, Wilwatuwa, Mar: Varsha Lawwa

Distribution in India: Resident in Central and West India.

Description: Size of 16-17 cm.The outermost primary longer than innermost and inner webs of primaries mottled or barred buff. The male has barred underparts and vinaceous buff ear coverts and throat, Lacks white moustachial strip.The female has vinaceous buff underparts, and ear coverts and throat and whitish Supercilium.  The female has uniform upper parts and plainer head pattern.The juvenile/immature resembles male in having blackish bars, more vermiculations and dark blotching on upperparts, with contrasting pale shaft-streaks. The race meinertzhageni( North West and Central India) has paler upperparts; salimalii (South India) has brick-red upperparts.

Habitat: It is found in semi desert habitats such as dry, open plains littered with thorny bushes. It is found below 600 m.

Food Habits: It eats seeds and insects.It forages on the ground usually in pairs or small groups.

Breeding Habits: They breed in April-Aug in India. They are monogamous. The nest isa scrape in the ground, lined with grass, sited under cover. They lay a clutch of 5-6 pale eggs ,laid at 1–2-day intervals. The incubation period is 16-18 days, commenced with last egg done by female alone.