Yellow-wattled Lapwing    Vanellus malabaricus


  • Vanellus : Latin word for fan like wings  derived from vannus –winnowing fan
  • Malabaricus : From Malabar region ( Kerala)  in India

Vernacular Names: Pakistan: Jithiri, Hindi: Zirdi, Pili Titihari, Sans: Pitmukhi tittbhak, Pun: Pili tatihri, M.P: Laori, Guj: Parasna titodi, Vagdau titodi, Mar: Pitmukhi titvi, Maltitavi, Nadi tittavi, Te: Chitawa, Ta: Alkaati, Mal: Manjakanni, Kan: Haladi tittibha, Sinh: Kiraluwa, Kirala

Distribution in India: Widespread resident in India.

Description:  Size: 26-28 cm; wt. of 108–203 g; wingspan of 65–69 cm. They are medium-sized pale brown waders with a black crown which is separated from the brown on the neck by a narrow white band and large yellow facial wattles. The chin and throat are black and the brown neck and upper breast is separated from the white belly by a narrow blackish line. The tail has a subterminal black band which does not extend into the outer tail-feathers. There is a white wingbar on the inner half of the wing. The bill is yellow at the base. They have tiny yellow carpal spurs. The crown feathers can be raised slightly in displays. Adults of both sexes are similarly plumaged. The juvenile has brown crown, small pale wattles; dark subterminal bars and buff fringes on back feathers; chin and throat are white. The first-year plumage appears less scaled on upperparts and has larger wattle.

Habitat: It is found in dry and open habitats, including cultivated and fallow fields and wasteland; also at edges of wetlands

 Food Habits:It eats insects and their larvae, including grasshoppers and beetles; also molluscs. It mainly feeds nocturnally.

Breeding Habits: The breeding season is mainly March-May in India. The adults defend large territories, where young and parents feed, attacking most intruders. The nest is a shallow scrape, unlined, sometimes encircled by pebbles or mud pellets, sited on dry, open fallow or waste land. They lay a clutch of 3-4 eggs. The incubation is 26-30 days. The fledging period is 32 days.