Bird Anatomy & Behaviour

Plumage definitions

The different stages of Plumage in a birds
life from Egg to being an Adult.

Understanding the bird’s song

One of the most remarkable features associated
with my winged friends is their ability to sing.

We all have heard …

Temperature Control in Birds

Temperature Control in Birds. Birds are
“Warm-blooded “and hence have to internally
regulate their body temperature…

Science of Flight

Of all the abilities that my Avian friends
possess the most amazing one is their
ability to fly. How they …

All about the Bird’s Tongue

All birds have a tongue just like Mammals
but the tongue of a bird has a different
use. While Mammals …

Nesting of Birds : Part III- Incubation ,hatching of eggs and types of hatchlings

Incubation ,hatching of eggs and types of hatchlings Incubation :The process of a bird sitting ..


Nesting of Birds : Part II- Egg laying

Birds are the only vertebrates that have 100%
Oviparous reproduction ( 100% egg laying).

Nesting of Birds : Part I – Types of Nests

Post mating the building of nest is the next important process in a birds Lifecycle.
In some cases like Baya …

The Clean Bird : part I: Bathing Methods

Birds are one of the cleanest living beings
on earth. They clean themselves twice a day
and also bath regularly …

Mating in Birds : Part III – Copulation

The Mating process is completed with the Male putting
his genetic material as sperm in the reproductive tract of female …

Feeding Methods

India is home to over 1300 species of Avian .
Each one has adapted to its
surrounding leading to a …

Mystery of Colours

Birds are the only Vertebrates with Feathers.
The whole body of a bird is covered with
feathers except its beak …

Feet Structures of Birds

Birds Have maximum of 5 digits (Toes) in each of their foot. These are arranged in different ways in different …

Feathers : USP of Birds

In vertebrates , birds are the unique family
to have the feathers. They have been thought
of a evolutionary change …

Mating in Birds : Part I- Different type

Mating System in birds is very complex . A bird ( Usually its males)
has to go through an elaborate …

Woodpecker- Adaptation ka Boss

Woodpeckers are one of the most colourful of all bird species.
About 37 different species of woodpecker can be found …

Can Birds Smell

It is well known fact that birds have a fantastic vision and
good hearing capabilities. . So then what about …

Bird Anatomy- Parts for Bird Identification

Birds belong to the family of Aves , they are also known
as avian dinosaurs Main Characteristics of birds are …

All About Beaks

Beak performs the functions of the “HAND” for the bird…
That’s right “the hand “not the mouth. The beak helps …

Wings and Tail shapes

Birds have different shapes of Wings and Tails.
These shapes determine how they fly and hunt …

Wing Theory

Wings of a bird is like arms of a human being.
The structure of the wing resembles that of the …